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Sabine Nemet


Sabine uses a clay body that she and her partner mix themselves, consisting of clays sourced locally.
Her pots are mainly thrown, sometimes altered, cut and put together again. As decoration, she uses stamps, made from carved porcelain. The shapes on the stamps are based on nature, seeds leaf pattern, flowers, which are then pressed into the clay repeatedly.
When the clay is completely dry, the imprint is filled with different coloured glazes and then sometimes glazed over again. Sabine uses simple glazes on the inside of pots, and on the outside various coloured slips or no slips at all to fully utilise the effects of wood firing and soda glazing.
Sabine likes her pots to be inviting to touch and handle on a daily basis in the kitchen and around the house.
Sabine completed an apprenticeship as a thrower in East Germany in 1998 with Hans Joachim Grünert in Waldenburg(Sachsen). She underwent a three year long thorough training in producing domestic ware exclusively on the potter's wheel, where she was introduced to wood firing. In 2000 Sabine decided to travel to England to gain more experience in ceramics, and in 2001 she moved to Moretonhamstead in Devon.

The pots are made with a clay body that we mix our self with local clays. Most of Sabines work is thrown on the potter's wheel with some slab build dishes and platters. Sometimes I apply an inlay decoration to my pots. The pots are then glazed with a simple glaze on the inside and then fired in a wood fired kiln for 30 hours up to 1300 degrees centigrade. At a high temperature in spray bicarbonate of soda in the kiln to give each piece, along with the fly ash in the kiln, a unique character.

Sabine Nemet

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