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Annabel Jane Collins


Annabel' s unique approach to oil painting arrives from her love of illustration and screen printing. This process impacts her work as she carefully selects and mixes tonal shades for a distinctive colour palette. Annabel feels most comfortable working on paper as this permits great hand drawn detail. The oil colour comes secondarily and is liberally applied to give a sense of depth.

Annabel' s subjects are mainly architectural. Born and raised in London she portrays her love and familiarity of the city through the detail in her drawing where she allows us to engage with decorative ornament. Annabel' s playful personality shines through in her artwork as she permits her imagination to fill empty spaces in her composition. The paintings do not always highlight perfection, but allow us to appreciate London as it is, with all its quirky defects, including areal cables, pigeons and gulls that scavenge our streets and skies.

Annabel Jane Collins

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