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New to art?

Rising Stars 2014, Brittany Delany, Taxidermy Vessels
Rising Stars 2014, Brittany Delany, Taxidermy Vessels


Starting a collection?  7 steps to become an informed collector

The online art market is expanding, giving you the ability to buy art from all over the world at affordable prices. However, websites in quality of artworks. These steps will help you in the process:

  1. Decide on a budget and stick to it. Consider making an Own Art application, offering an interest free loan
  2. Editions and prints are a good starting point for a novice collector. They are a cheaper option than an original work and give you a work by an established artist at an affordable price.
  3. Consider the place of display – the size of the wall/space, the room colour and lighting. We offer a home visits and a home-try scheme 
  4. If you are unsure, contact the gallery about the work and the artist's background.
  5. Find out about the gallery/website – stay with established providers that use curators and expert staff to select art and crafts based on quality and talent. Always read the company’s sales policy and if you live locally, visit the gallery. Ask to be keep informed about the artist and her/his future exhibitions
  6. Consider options: why not get advice from friends? This is easy with online art. 
  7. But buy art because you love it - you will live with it. When you have found the piece you love, go for it!

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