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Hire the Balcony Gallery

Celebrating the Legacy of Textiles in UCA Farnham
Celebrating the Legacy of Textiles in UCA Farnham

African Heritage Explored
African Heritage Explored


Discover Your Opportunity: Exhibit in the Prestigious Balcony Gallery

Are you an artist or part of an artist group seeking to showcase your work in a distinguished setting? Look no further! The Balcony Gallery at our esteemed venue offers you a prime opportunity to exhibit your creations and connect with our established collector base.

Gallery Highlights:

  • Prestige: Benefit from the allure of our gallery's esteemed reputation, enhancing the perception of your artwork.
  • Established Collector Base: With over 60 years in Waggon Yard, gain exposure to a discerning audience of collectors who frequent our gallery, potentially leading to sales and further opportunities.
  • Marketing Support: Discuss your marketing strategies with us to promote your exhibition, ensuring maximum visibility for your work.
  • Gallery Invigilation: On request, we will invigilate the gallery for you free of charge, ensuring the safety of your artwork during the exhibition.
  • Plinths and Lit Glass Cabinets: Free access to a range of plinths and lit glass cabinets to enhance the presentation.
  • Insurance: Your artwork is insured during the displays.

Gallery Availability:

  • The Balcony Gallery is available for hire from January to early September for durations ranging from one week to two months, subject to availability.
  • Operating hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Pricing Details:

  • Cost for one week, including VAT: £900
  • Additional days can be arranged upon request, priced at £200 per day.

Sales Options:

  • Independent Sales: You handle the sales independently, there is no commission for the gallery. You keep 100% of the sales income.
  • Gallery Sales Assistance: Alternatively, we can process the sales on your behalf. Your clients will have access to our payment options, including all card payments (including American Express and international cards) and the Own Art loans, allowing them to spread the cost of sales over 10 months at 0% interest. To cover our bookkeeping, loan and other external fees for processing these sales, we will pass 5% of the sales value to you.

How to Book:
Ready to take the next step in your art career? Contact us today with the following information:

  • Sample Images: Send us sample images of your or past exhibitions / link to your social media / website.
  • CV Submission: Submit your CV or a Biograph along with your exhibition proposal.
  • Desired Duration and Timing: Indicate your desired duration for the show and preferred time of year in your exhibition proposal.

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