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Lumiere: the beautiful light

10 November 2018 to 5 January 2019

Lumiere: the beautiful light

Irresistible hand crafted lighting and illuminated artworks make a wonderful festive statement this season. We explore all facets of lighting where sculpture, colour and form meet.

Our intimate Balcony Gallery will be full to the rafters with beautiful pieces which can easily fit into home environments. We are careful to note the power of light as a medium in its own right, where light and shade create shadows and the colour and textures of shadow shifting with each piece create physically powerful works that take on the appearance of sculptural forms in space. Visitors are encouraged to move freely around the space to take the lighting pieces in from all angles.

Presenting pieces by: Clio Anastasiou, Nichola Bendall, Dobby and Rose, Liv Cornall, Adele Goulty, Denis di Luca, Lun Lighting, Hannah Nunn, Liz Scrine, Surrey Woodsmiths and Meryl Till.

Hannah Nunn - Candle holder

Hannah Nunn

Candle holder


Ref: 94104

13 x 9 cms


Hannah Nunn

Hannah Nunn makes glowing paper cut lighting inspired by the beauty and simplicity of nature. She lives in Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, a vibrant hilly town surrounded by woods and fields and she spends a lot of time with her camera and sketchbook gathering ideas. She is particularly fond of meadows and loves drawing grasses and flowers.

She prepares her drawings for lasercutting by scanning them into the computer and tracing the outlines digitally. The laser is capable of cutting such fine detail and it can also engrave the top layer of paper away allowing her to vary the layers of light and shadow to create her designs. The paper is then laminated for strength and durability and to create the bright white layer when lit. Light is the finishing touch bringing the designs to life and creating a much loved cosy glow.

The table lamps are all freestanding and have a 2.5 metre cable with an inline switch. They come with a 2 watt LED bulb for ambient light. They are all CE marked for safety.

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