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Winter exhibition: Festive joy & unique gifts

10 November 2018 to 5 January 2019

Winter exhibition: Festive joy & unique gifts

Known for selecting contemporary art and craft of the highest quality, the gallery team has handpicked artists and makers from across the country. The exhibition presents glass, ceramics, jewellery, sculpture, prints and paintings by more than sixty talented established and emerging artists.

All work is handmade, making it unique and perfect for those looking for that special Christmas gift! Find unusual craft-led gifts as well as inspiration on everything from original printmaking to unique British jewellery designs. A must see Christmas show for all novice and expert lovers of art and craft.

Painting, drawing and print by: Nick Bodimeade, Mychael Barratt, Clare Caulfield, Helen Brown, Graham Evernden, Emily Faludy, Emma Harding, Jennifer Jokhoo, Susie Lidstone, David Scott Moore, Fiona Pearce, Chris Sercombe, Tessa Pearson, Virginia Ray, Ruth Taylor, Philip Tyler and Catherine Warren.

Sculpture by: Celia Allen, Helena Curry, Faye Mayo, David Mayne, Edward Willis, Jillian Riley, Richard Jack and Liane Matthews.

Faye Mayo - Windswept Contemplation

Faye Mayo

Windswept Contemplation


Ref: 94717

25 x 12 x 23 cms


Faye Mayo

Surrey Artist of the Year 2015 shortlisted artist

Faye Mayo explains that the imprints on the exterior of her work are, A way of leaving a memory. Some: delicate imprints of nature, others: harsh marks - all refer to life's experiences. These impressions built together make a whole piece or the person. Leaving marks of the making process, therefore, is an important aspect of her work. She finishes each piece by thinning out the clay to give a sense of fragility. The use of feathers and leaves also express transience. Yet her purpose is to draw the focus to the interior of each piece, where refreshing tones imply flowing water: releasing renewal, cleansing and liberation.

The Thoughtful Figures echo the themes of the larger work and are also evocative of different emotions we experience. Like the Sculptural Torsos, each figure has the nature of a vessel - hinting of the possibility of a connection to the transcendent.

Faye is based in Caterham.

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