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Peter Jackman: Northern Landscapes

15 January to 27 February 2016

Peter Jackman: Northern Landscapes

One of our loved favourites, Peter Jackman, offers a new collection of paintings and original prints to start 2016. Peter's drawings and paintings are interpretations of landscapes and objects within the landscape in a semi abstract form. They represent impressions and reactions to particular places and objects. They are developed from sketches, photographs and memories: which, through stages of drawings and over drawing, with layers or various media, tend to become more abstract as the work evolves. As each piece progresses the work becomes its own reference, where the original source image may just be represented in the form of some particular shape, texture or colour.

Peter also attempts to render an image that portrays something of his personal reaction to a particular place or scene. His current work is a result of recent visits to the north and south of Iceland. The landscape there is physically and visually challenging and as a result Peter has found his mark making and colour palate has become more robust as a result.

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