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BTU Studio - Hourglass

BTU Studio



Ref: 69280

29.5 x 11 cms


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BTU Studio

The pieces that we design and make at BTU Studio draw upon the traditions of Venetian glassblowing, and in particular on the work using filigrana (glass canes) that was first developed in the 16th C. We try to use that technical language in contemporary expressions of elegant functionality. We make wares that are meant to be used and handled as everyday objects in the home, whether that's a simple bud vase or a small milk jug, and also more substantial vessels that become the focal point of a room. The important thing to us is that these objects are appreciated rather than exalted, and we hope they provide many moments of pleasure to their owner.

Maintaining a sense of continuity with the long traditions of glassblowing is important to me, and the study and appreciation of the history of glass informs my current work. I feel a connection with the unknown makers who handled the same material, with similar tools, under completely different circumstances-a qualified connection, which has to do with the dynamic interplay of time and heat and materials and tools, but a real connection nonetheless.

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