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Sally Weatherill


"As long as I can remember I have loved colour. My early years were spent in a modern house with floor to ceiling windows that brought the outside in - all the colours of the garden and lots of light. These same windows also provided colour interest at night when they were hidden behind vast curtains in varying 60's designs.

Throughout my childhood and teenage years I was always making things - clothes peg dolls, gingerbread houses, salt dough biscuits, knitted scarves for my teddies, doll's house furniture...and I hoarded anything that came in sets of different colours - jumbo packs of felt tips, squares of origami paper, even tubes of smarties.

As an undergraduate I studied history of art and creative writing, studies which have had a lasting influence on me and underpin all of my creative work. However, it was not until I went back to college to study textiles that I was finally able to indulge my love of colour.

Although I studied weaving at art college, I have only recently acquired a loom and begun to weave again. Previously I had focused on printed and hand-painted fabrics, specializing in devore velvet. Many of the themes I explored in my printed work, such as the ability of certain juxtaposed colours to evoke memory, ageing processes, landscape and the flowers in my garden and the use of poetry and scraps of remembered literature, I have continued to explore in my weaving. Weaving, however, is more exciting to me than printing because of the variety of yarns available to work with. The possible combinations of texture and colour are endless and there is often a surprise to be found after removing the cloth from the loom and washing it. I have recently been experimenting with shrinking and felting to various effect. I am also especially interested in the leno technique which involves twisting the warp yarns to secure the weft yarns. I am very intrigued by the wave effect this technique creates and also by the open lacy weaves it allows me to create."

Sally Weatherill

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